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CAM in ELT (Certificate in Advanced Methodology)


Dates and Fees

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CAM Packages

Candidates with no previous ICELT qualification (non ICELT-qualified)


Candidates with previous ICELT qualification (ICELT-qualified)


Package 1 (17,500MXN)

CAM (150hrs)

Package 2 (11,800MXN)

CAM (100hrs)

Package 1 Premium (26,000MXN)

CAM (150hrs) + CENEVAL (60hrs) = 210hrs

Package 2 Premium (17,500MXN)

CAM (100hrs) + CENEVAL (50hrs) = 150hrs


This tuition fee includes moderation by Cambridge English Language Assessment, in addition to the IHWO Assessment course moderation.


Full fees must be received by Ih Mexico two weeks prior to the starting date of the course and they are non refundable.

Refund policy typically breaks down as follows:
  •   If you cancel your course more than 30 days before Course Start Date, you will receive a full refund, minus non-refundable fees paid
  • If you cancel your course between 30 and 15 days before Course Start Date, you will receive a 50% refund of the Course Fees paid, minus non-refundable fees
  • If you cancel your course less than 15 days before Course Start Date, or on or after the Course Start Date, no refunds will be issued (except in the case of dissatisfaction with the quality of the course).


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