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CAM in ELT (Certificate in Advanced Methodology)



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What is the course for?

It is a specialization course in methodology for teachers with more than 2-4 years of experience teaching and planning to take Delta.

Can I take the course if I have ICELT or CELTA?

Yes, you can. This is the perfect course for you! CAM is the new option for In-service English Language Teachers!  As once COTE, ICELT and other in-service courses met the needs of In-service English Language Teachers, CAM now aims to meet the needs of such teachers! CAM, however, introduces more and new content that those programmes did not have the opportunity to explore to further depth. CAM in ELT will help teachers study topics such as Genre Analysis, Discourse Analysis, Language as Texts,  Advanced Methodology, Contemporary Language Learning Theories, Educational Technologies and Action Research!  If you are an ICELT-qualified teacher, CAM in ELT is a great choice to continue developing your practice and career whatever background you have!
CAM in ELT courses will start in June 2019! Please do not hesitate to contact your regional office for further information. Ask your regional office about the premium options with preparation for BA courses (Licenciatura).

Should I take this course if I’m planning to take Delta?

Absolutely! The  CAM course is commonly known as the “pre-Delta” course as much of what you will need for Delta Module 1 is part of the CAM course. Many of our previous candidates have moved on to take their Deltas (module 2) and have very successfully prepared for Module 1 too. An ideal path for somebody planning to take Delta would be to take the CAM course, then move on to either our Delta Module 1 online course, or our Blended Delta Module 1 and 2 course. Taking CAM would help you feel much more prepared for Delta.

Would this course be as demanding as ICELT or CELTA?

Yes, and no. The course is part-time, but as with any other course you will need to devote enough time to your online sessions and homework tasks. However, remember there is no officially assessed Teaching Practice, which is what normally adds the pressure on courses like ICELT and CELTA. On the CAM, we will encourage you to reflect on your teaching on a weekly basis and complete homework tasks but without the pressure of being formally assessed on lessons and being observed. The homework tasks are also less demanding than the usual academic papers you would have to write on an ICELT or CELTA course. Overall, the course focuses more on your development as a teacher through a structured set of tasks and sessions.

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