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What’s CELT-S?

Secondary school teachers can develop their classroom skills and teaching confidence with CELT-S. It’s a practical English teaching qualification that gives teachers the relevant skills to get the best from 11–18 year old learners.

The course helps teachers to create strategies for the key challenges of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in a secondary school context, such as classroom management with large classes and motivating learners.

Teachers build on their teaching knowledge and skills, through a combination of online study and observed teaching practice with an approved trainer.

International House Mexico is highly recognized worldwide in the teacher training area. International House was one of the pioneers in the development of practical teacher training courses. Our courses are recognized for training more efficient, more productive, more creative and more professional teachers.

“Being trained under International House quality standards is a synonym of excellence and professionalism”

Being trained as an CELT-S teacher will open up many doors and gain you a place in the TESOL world!

What is CELT-S?


Course programmes are designed to reflect your specific needs and working context. The main aim is to develop your skills in the following areas:

  • Language awareness and language use in the classroom
  • Planning, teaching and evaluation
  • Assessment and evaluation.

There are eight CELT-S modules. All eight modules focus on theory and practice and can be completed in any order.



 1 Classroom management in the secondary classroom
  • Creating and maintaining a constructive learning environment
  • Managing classroom activities effectively
  • Managing differences in the classroom.
 2 Language learning and the teenage learner
  • Learning language in the secondary education sector
  • Learning needs, styles, motivations and preferences
  • Encouraging and supporting active and independent learning.
 3 Teaching language skills
  • Teaching listening and reading
  • Teaching speaking
  • Teaching writing.
 4 Language awareness for teaching
  • Grammar: word classes, grammar structures and how to use language for different functions
  • Vocabulary: key concepts, word formation and combining words
  • Pronunciation: key concepts, word and sentence stress, connected speech and intonation.
 5 Teaching language in the secondary classroom
  • Key concepts, principles and techniques in teaching grammar, lexis and phonology.
 6 Planning language learning in the secondary context
  • Planning a lesson
  • Writing lesson plans
  • Planning a programme of work.
 7 Language learning resources and materials for the secondary classroom
  • Evaluating, selecting, using and adapting coursebook materials
  • Evaluating, selecting and using supplementary materials
  • Using teaching aids effectively, including technology.
 8 Assessing language learning in the secondary context
  • Principles and purposes of classroom-based assessment
  • Classroom-based assessment tools
  • Formative and summative assessment.


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Each module has a number of lessons, which all have the following structure:

• an introduction to the topic
• learning activities
• activities that check learning
• activities that focus on practical classroom applications
• a review of what’s been learned
• a short, multiple-choice progress test
• further reading.



Will be assessed in the following ways:

Assessment component

 English Language Teaching methodology
  • Completion of the online modules and progress tests.
  • A multiple-choice teaching knowledge test (TKT: Module 1).
 Teaching practice
  • Completion of portfolio tasks.
  • Assessment of teaching.

Participants who complete all the modules and assessments will receive the CELT-S qualification. The qualification is awarded at Pass or Pass with Merit.

CELT-S is also suitable if your previous training has not included a formally assessed teaching practice component.

CELS- gives you insight into the principles of effective teaching and a range of skills for teaching English in your teaching context. You will:

• Gain hands-on teaching practice.
• Complete written assignments and language tasks.
• Three lessons are assessed by your course tutor.

A Cambridge qualification

Because it is awarded by Cambridge English Language Assessment, part of the University of Cambridge, CELT-S is internationally recognised, highly respected and a benchmark for quality.”.
What grades are awarded?
Candidates are awarded an overall grade of Pass or Pass with Merit.

Entry Requirements:

• At least one year of teaching experience (Ideally, you should have an initial teaching qualification but this is at the centre´s discretion)
• At least 18 years of age.
• B1+ or above level of English

How do I apply?

The CELT- course is offered in Mexico through International House. or complete the ONLINE APPLICATION (Link to the application form)

Blended CELT-S Course

The course is intensive in terms of workload and provides the candidates with a firm foundation in teaching theory and practice.

Our Blended CEL-S Course Features input sessions focusing on:

• Teaching approaches and techniques.
• Language awareness.
• Teaching of various language areas and skills.
• Professional and career development in ESL/EFL.
• Methodology.
• An CELT-S online component which allows for flexibility to candidates who cannot always attend every sessions at the centre and helps to maximise their time.

Online CELT-S component

The online CELT-S component includes interactive tasks, video observations and forum discussion. The aim is to develop effective, principled teaching methodologies. An advantage of the CELT-S component is the increased amount of time and support for you to reflect on and develop what you have learn.

CELT-S is a 120-hour course, which combines online study and teaching practice.

There are 24 hours of optional additional material for teachers to extend and practice what they have learned during the online course, which is delivered face-to-face in the classroom.


Benefits of the Blended CELT-S course

• The Blended CELT-S is a great option if you don’t have time to access the full face-to-face -course.
The online CELT-S tasks and materials can be accessed at times that suit you, giving you the
flexibility to fit your training around other commitments. Most of the course input is delivered online!
• Candidates who are comfortable with and prefer online learning will now have an option to access
CELT-S through this medium.
• Access to our CEL-S e-library and videos and journal access to over 100 resources to help them
on their CELT-S course.

Supervised Teaching Practice

• Detailed feedback and discussion sessions with a course tutor.
• Supported lesson planning.
• Nine written tasks aimed at broadening the trainees’ awareness and application of teaching principles.
• Observation of qualified teachers and videoed lessons

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