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Delta (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages)


Blended/Online Delta Module 1 and 2

What is “Blended Delta”?

The Blended Delta combines both online and contact learning to allow for maximum flexibility in how you do your course and minimal time spent away from earning an income. Because, let’s face it, not everyone can afford to take unlimited time off work.

The Blended Delta combines Module 1 and Module 2 into one single semi-intensive course that allows for maximum flexibility.

Why is the Intensive Blended Delta better than other forms of the Delta, like the online or full-time contact courses offered at other centers?

The Delta course is offered at various centers around the world, but ih Mexico is one of the very few centres that provides the Blended Delta – a unique blend of face-to-face and distance learning, combining the best of both modes of education while reducing the overall course expense.

Working with a Delta trainer online minimizes the amount of time spent on-location at ih Mexico, which reduces your time away from earning an income. Also, once you have built a solid theoretical foundation through your online and distance study, you are more capable of benefitting from the teaching practice component, which is essential to developing your skills as a teacher.

One of the drawbacks of the full-time contact Delta (which is offered at most centres over 8 weeks), is the speed at which information is imparted, which is often too fast to take on board everything. The blended course allows for more time to prepare for the face-to-face component and maximize such preparation at a better pace.

ih México offers the Blended Delta in the following way:

7 weeks of online work focused on what would normally be part of any Delta course but with flexible tools to help you work towards your face-to-face work:

  • Input (theories, methods and approaches, lesson planning, research and language analysis, etc.).
  • Diagnostic lesson –” you will teach a Diagnostic Lesson” and Delta tutors will give you feedback before you engage in officially assessed Delta teaching.
  • Experimental Practice- as part of Module 2, you will have to complete an “Experimental Practice” lesson.
  • This is not observed nor assessed by a Delta tutor, and is focused on an aspect of teaching, techniques or approach you´ve never tried out before. This is part of your” Professional.
  • Development Assignment” (PDA).
  • Reflection and Action – As part of the PDA, you need to start working on your area of development and action points The RA (Reflection and Action), has 4 parts to it.
  • LSA1 – Background essay.

And so, as you can see, the 7 weeks of online work will:

  • Help you prepare for the teaching you will have to do on the next 4-5 weeks on the face-to-face course,
  • Facilitate the work prior to the intensive face to face component so that the following weeks are easier to get through

One of the main differences between our course and that of other providers (e.g. The Distance Delta), is that with the online Delta courses out there, which are not the Blended Delta, the tutors working with you may or may not have had any experience in teacher training (e.g. Local Tutors). On our course, however, you are guaranteed to work with our Head of Training (CELTA, ICELT and Delta assessor and Moderator), and with another formally approved Delta tutor and CELTA Assessor, not just a local tutor who may or may not be a Delta tutor. And the expertise you will develop by working directly with a professional and experienced teacher trainer who gives extremely effective, individualized feedback, can’t compare to working with a teaching mentor who may or may not have more teaching experience than you.

In short, the Blended Delta is the ideal way to gain the highest Cambridge English Language Assessment qualification available.

As you can see, this is a very flexible option to take Delta and one that will allow more time to prepare and get through the work involved by minimizing the time you spend away from earning an income. This course is ideal for potential candidates based outside Mexico City and surrounding areas and candidates based abroad. Ih Mexico can also help with accommodation options during your stay in Mexico City for the face-to-face component.

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