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Delta (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages)


Delta Module 1 – Online

Online Delta Module 1

What is Delta Module One?

This module is more theoretical and focuses on language awareness, approaches and methods, evaluation of teaching resources and materials, and assessment of learner language and skills. It’s tested in a written examination set by Cambridge English. The exam consists of two 90-minute papers which are taken on the same day. The exam takes place twice a year, in June and December.

Who is this course for?

  • Teachers who passed their CELTA or ICELT qualification at least one year previously and ideally have two years’ EFL teaching experience. You should not apply for the Delta if you have not already gained experience in EFL teaching.
  • Teachers who plan to make a career in English language teaching or move into other roles, e.g. Director of Studies, Teacher Trainer etc.

* The intended participants are people who have recently done an advanced methodology course that would like to receive further input at Delta level and preparation towards the Module 1 exam.

The course

Please download our Delta Module 1 information sheet

IH Mexico offers preparation for Module 1 of Delta completely online. The work is based on writing, reading, study and practice exam tasks. It focuses on understanding language, methodology and resources for teaching. This includes:

  • A background understanding of ELT, teaching approaches and learning in a range of contexts
  • A knowledge of applied linguistics sources on the main principles and practices of English Language Teaching
  • An understanding of practical theory and methodology needed for teaching a range of systems and skills lessons
  • Regular exam practice with constructive and helpful feedback from the ours experienced Delta tutors and Delta assessors
  • Online support, reflection and feedback from other members of your tutorial group

Our online Delta Module 1 Course comprises:

  • a 10 week-course delivered via the Delta Module 1 website
  • 8 Units to be completed to a set schedule
  • core course materials covering all aspects of the Cambridge Delta Module 1 syllabus
  • exam Training for all tasks in Papers 1 and 2
  • exam Practice Tasks and Mock Exam with regular feedback from your Online Delta 1 Course Tutor. You will have exam practice tasks, read and respond to other people’s tasks and get personal tutor feedback and guidance. You will get a chance to see a large number of different approaches to tasks and be able to read tutors’ feedback on these – all of which can help you improve your own work.
  • dedicated Module 1 discussion forum monitored by our experienced Distance Delta Course Tutor Team
  • dedicated administrative and IT support to help you with all aspects of the course and Cambridge assessment

Course hours: Minimum of 15 hours a week.

Exam preparation and online input Estimated hours Exam practice task and mocks Estimated hours
Reading and note-making 3 hours Preparation for task 2 hours
Writing assignment 3 hours Writing Practice Task 2 hours
Reading and responding to other people’s assignments 2 hours Reading and responding to other people’s assignments 2 hours
Total 8 hours 7 hours

Although a part-time course, please note that the course is very intensive. You should ensure that you do not have other time consuming commitments during the course and are in good physical and mental health before embarking on the Delta Module One course. For Module One, you do not need to have a current class, although it can help you make sense of some of the theory or allow you to put certain hypotheses to the test if you do. The work is all based on writing, reading, study and doing practice exam tasks.

Assessment, certification and where ou can take the exam

You can take the exam at a local exam centre; there is no need to travel to Mexico. There is a list of centres on Cambridge English’s website so you can check the closest one to you. The exam takes place in June and December every year (always the first Wednesday of the month). We make the arrangements for the exam on your behalf. If you decide to sit the exam for the upcoming exam date we need to know at least two months beforehand to complete payment and booking procedures in good time. The exam fee is charged by Cambridge English and invoiced by IH Mexico on their behalf.

The exam itself is made up of two 1½-hour papers taken on the same day. Successful candidates will be issued with a Delta Module One certificate with one of the following pass grades: Pass, Pass with Merit, or Pass with Distinction. Certificates will be sent to the centre where you take the examination and then passed on to the candidate.

Some universities accept Delta Module One as credit towards a Masters qualification. Course credits may vary; please enquire with the university directly.


Course Tuition Fee:  560USD

Cambridge Enrollment and Examination fee: 330USD

Course and Cambridge Enrollment  and Examination fee = 890USD

These fees are due for the assessment of each module through Cambridge English and are raised in addition to the course fees. We will contact you during the course to see if you feel ready for the exam. We will make your entry and book the exam place on your behalf. You can choose to sit the exam at a local exam centre near you. Your chosen exam centre will invoice you for their invigilation fees directly. You can find a list of registered Delta Module 1 exam centres on the Cambridge English website.

For further information and applications please contact
Orlando Delgado Mata
Director of Teacher Training

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