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Delta (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages)


Delta Module 3 – Online

Online Delta Module 3

What is Delta Module Three?

There are two options for this module:

  • Option 1 – ELT specialism
    You will select your own specialist subject and then produce an assignment about needs analysis, syllabus design, course planning and assessment for a real group of learners in the context of your selected specialism. Possible specialisms include teaching younger learners, business English, one-to-one, ESP, EAP, and many others.
  • Option 2 – ELT management
    This module focuses on situation analysis and planning, and implementing change in the context of a selected management specialism.

Both options require you to produce an extended written assignment of 4,000–4,500 words, which is submitted to Cambridge for assessment. Module Three assignments can be submitted twice a year, in June and December.

Who is this course for?

  • Teachers who passed their CELTA or ICELT qualification at least one year previously and ideally have two years’ EFL teaching experience. You should not apply for the Delta if you have not already gained experience in EFL teaching.
  • Teachers who plan to make a career in English language teaching or move into other roles, e.g. Director of Studies, Teacher Trainer etc.

* The intended participants are people who have recently done an advanced methodology course that would like to receive further input at Delta level and preparation towards the Module 3 written assignment. Most applicants for Module 3 would hold either Delta Module 1 or Module 2 already.

What is the difference between IH Mexico’s Delta Module Three and other providers’ courses?

All Delta courses are accredited by Cambridge English and therefore have similar standing wherever you take the modules though of course IHWO has an excellent international reputation.

Our course is cheaper compared to other course providers, including Bell and The Distance Delta due to the current Latin American market and exchange rates. More importantly, we provide both group feedback and personal and regular tutor feedback to our participants. Each participant can contact their tutor, not an administrator / non-Delta tutor (which is often the case when taking the course with other provides in the UK or the US), and ask specific questions about their work. Although participants have to manage their own workload, as with any online provision, the course combines group and individual tutoring and self-study work with guidance, which caters to all learners’ needs. Participants find this particularly helpful when a certain area of their assignment is proving particularly difficult.

The Course

Please download our Delta Module 3 information sheet

The work for Module 3 is based on an extended research-based written assignment. It focuses on developing your English language teaching specialism. Our 12 week-course includes preparation for:

  • Choosing your specialist area and group of students or your one-to-one student. See below for list of specialist areas.
    Designing a needs analysis to find out the class (or student) needs.
  • Selecting, adapting or designing a diagnostic test to find out their current knowledge and skills.
  • Analysing the data from the needs analysis and diagnostic test.
  • Planning a course based on their needs.
  • Planning how you will assess their progress on that course.
  • Writing up your assignment.

You need to choose one of the following areas for your assignment:

  • Teaching Business English (BE)
  • Teaching English for Academic purposes (EAP)
  • Teaching examination classes (EX)
  • Teaching 1-1 (1 to 1)
  • Teaching Monolingual Classes (MON)
  • Teaching Multilingual Classes (MUL)
  • Teaching in an English-speaking environment (ESE)
  • Teaching in a non-English speaking environment (NESE)
  • Teaching learners online, through distance/blended learning (DL)
  • Language development for teachers (LDT)
Study topic Estimated hours
Reading and research 20 hours
Selecting, designing, preparing & running Needs Analysis and Diagnostic Tests with students 15 hours
Analysing results and drawing conclusion 5 hours
Designing course plan 10 hours
Writing up assignment 13 hours
Collating materials, appendices etc. 2 hours
Total 70 hours

Although a part-time course, please note that the course is very intensive. You should ensure that you do not have other time consuming commitments during the course and are in good physical and mental health before embarking on the Delta Module Three. You do not necessarily need to have your own current class, although it makes things a lot easier as you will need access to a class for needs analysis purposes. The work is all based on producing your extended assignment as detailed in the table above.

Submission and Certification

At the end of the course you can submit your assignment online. Submissions can be made in June and December every year, although we need to know at least two months before this if you want to submit so we can complete payment and entry procedures in good time. The submission fee is charged by Cambridge English and invoiced by Ih Mexico on their behalf. Successful candidates will be issued with a Delta Module Three certificate with one of the following pass grades: Pass, Pass with Merit, or Pass with Distinction. Certificates will be sent to Ih Mexico and then passed on to the candidate.

Some universities accept Delta Module Three as credit towards a Masters qualification. Course credits may vary; please enquire with the university directly.


Course fee: 600USD (including the Cambridge fee. Most centres will charge this separately).

For further information and applications please contact
Orlando Delgado Mata
Director of Teacher Training

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