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Blended ICELT

Blended ICELT Course Overview

The course is very intensive in terms of workload and provides the candidates with a firm foundation in teaching theory and practice.

Blended ICELT Course Features
Input sessions focusing on:

  • Teaching approaches and techniques.
  • Language awareness.
  • Teaching of various language areas and skills.
  • Professional and career development in ESL/EFL.
  • Methodology.
  • An ICELT online component which allows for flexibility to candidates who cannot always attend every sessions at the centre and helps to maximise their time.

Online ICELT component

The online ICELT component includes interactive tasks, video observations and forum discussion.
The aim is to develop effective, principled teaching methodologies. An advantage of the online
ICELT component is the increased amount of time and support for you to reflect on and develop
what you have learnt.

Benefits of the Blended ICELT

  • The Blended ICELT is a great option if you don’t have time to access the full face-to-face -course.
    The online ICELT tasks and materials can be accessed at times that suit you, giving you the
    flexibility to fit your training around other commitments. 30% of the input is delivered online
  • Candidates who are comfortable with and prefer online learning will now have an option to access
    ICELT through this medium.
  • Access to our ICELT e-library and videos and journal access to over 300 resources to help them
    on their ICELT course.

Supervised Teaching Practice

  • Detailed feedback and discussion sessions with a course tutor.
  • Supported lesson planning.
  • Eight written assignments aimed at broadening the trainees’ awareness and application of teaching principles.
  • Observation of qualified teachers and videoed lessons

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