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Orlando Delgado Mata
Directof of Teacher Training & Development

Orlando has taught EFL at all levels. Deeply committed to teacher development and training, he
has taken a significant number of courses such as the Cambridge ICELT (In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching), the FCTBE (Further Certificate for Teachers of Business English),
the ih CAM (International House Certificate in Advanced Methodology), and Delta. Since completing the IHCOLT certificate, he has been interested in e-learning and so he is also in charge of running the online tutoring department at ih Mexico and is an e-tutor on language courses on, where he teaches General English and IELTS Preparation. He ran IELTS preparation courses at International House Mexico from 2007 to 2009, being the main tutor on them and course developer. Apart from being a Cambridge ESOL Oral Examiner and TKT Practical Assessor, he is also a Cambridge ESOL TKT, CELTA, ICELT and Delta Module 2 Trainer. He works as both a Delta Local Tutor for ih London & the British Council and an Orientation Course Tutor on the Distance Delta programme. He also is an authorized ICELT moderator, and a CELTA & Delta Assessor, in charge of assessing CELTA courses and Delta Module Two Candidates in North, Central and South America. He also works as a freelance trainer for IH World Organisation at the Online Teacher Training Institute (OTTI), and he holds an MA TESOL (Teacher Education) from the University of Manchester. His main areas of interest are Teacher Education & Development, Online Training, and Psychology of Language Learning.

Artemisa Jara

Artemisa Jara was born in Mexico City receiving her education at British schools. She lived in the USA for six years and attended Scripps University in Claremont, California where she took credits on English History and English.

Upon her return to México, she received her Initial Teacher’s Training at The Anglo and started her teaching career covering different language levels for children as well as adults.
She moved to Cuernavaca in 1986 and in 1994, she credited COTE – Certificate of Overseas Teachers of English through The British Council while teaching at the CELE-UAEM; in 1995, she was granted a scholarship from the same institution to be trained as a”Teacher Trainer” at the University of St. Mark & St. John in the UK. She has been a COTE tutor for the Universities of San Luis Potosí and Zacatecas as well as for the “Programa Piloto de Inglés” in Morelos. She was also involved in the setting of the Self-Access project at CELE/UAEM and has participated in different training courses organised by the Morelos University. She has developed and taught In-Service programmes for Colegio de Bachilleres del Estado de Morelos – Plantel 1. During 1996/97, she designed the new curricula for 5th and 6th grades for the Programa Piloto de Inglés, thus linking primary and middle school programmes.

During twelve years, she was in charge of the language department of a senior & junior high school where she developed a Literature-based syllabus for basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

In 2009 she started working full time for International House Cuernavaca as teacher trainer where she is main tutor for ICELT and TKT besides being a Cambridge oral examiner.
She is currently heading ICELT courses in Cuernavaca and Ih Veracruz.

Arturo Navarro Suárez

Has been an English language teacher for 19 years giving classes in companies and in English language schools (Anglo- Americano, The Anglo and IH Mexico) – Holds the CPE (1996),
Delta (complete version-2000) and the Further Certificate in Teaching Business English (FCTBE) with Distinction (2006) and in 2011 he obtained the Bachelor’s Degree in ELT (LEI- SEP)
Has also worked for CELE (UNAM) – His experience includes administrative positions as Academic Supervisor and Coordinator and is a certified IELTS international examiner and TKT Practical Assessor.
He has been a teacher trainer for more than 11 years giving Pre- service and In-service courses- He is an authorised tutor for ICELT and was recently appointed as Moderator for this course by Cambridge ESOL Teaching Awards – He also acts as local tutor for Distance Delta (IH- London).

Rosalia Montenegro

Rosalía Montenegro Saucedo Dip R.S.A. has been an English teacher for over 35 years. She holds the Certificate of Proficiency in English and the Diploma for Overseas Teachers of English (DOTE) by the University of Cambridge, as well as The CELE by UNAM, and different Teacher’s Courses for teaching English to children, adolescents and adults. She has been involved in teacher training for about 25 years. She has been a main tutor for several ICELT courses. She is an Oral Examiner and a Team Leader for ESOL Cambridge oral exams.

Ricardo Fajardo

Ricardo Fajardo has been a teacher of English for about 16 years now and a teacher trainer for about 8 years, first in the Polytechnic system in Mexico City and now in International House Mexico City, where he is a Cambridge TKT and CELTA trainer. He teaches Business English at companies, and works with teachers in courses of Language Awareness, Skills, Methodology, and Phonology, among others. Besides, he is an IELTS examiner, as well as a Cambridge KET, PET, FCE and CAE oral examiner.

Liz Fishwick

Liz has been an ELT teacher and coordinator for over 10 years. She began her teaching career in Japan in 1997. Herteaching has taken her to Poland, Russia, Syria and Brussels where she was an Academic Coordinator. During that time, she has gained the Trinity TESOL and was awarded the Cambridge Delta in 2007. She then moved to Mexico City and worked as a Senior Teacher at the British Council. She is now a CELTA and ICELT tutor, working for IH Mexico, as well as a Delta Local Tutor for The Distance Delta Programme.

Her approach to teaching language is thatit’s a living concept and we should always combine it with intercultural skills. She is also passionate about mainstreaming diversity themes in teaching materials.

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