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Why ICELT and why ih?


ICELT is an excellent TEFL qualification because of the following:

  • Moderated by the University of Cambridge.
  • Highly qualified, experienced trainers – two of our trainers are Cambridge ESOL ICELT Moderators.
  • It is recognised as a Level 5 Qualification by the British Curriculum.

Authority, so it follows an authorised syllabus

  • It is a course only offered by Authorised and well-established Teacher Education centres.
  • It is moderated and assessed by Cambridge ESOL every time a course runs, not just on an
    occasional basis.

Why International House?

IH is highly recognized worldwide in the teacher training area. International House was one of the pioneers in the development of practical teacher training courses. Our courses are recognized for training more efficient, more productive, more creative and more professional teachers.

Our teacher training courses offer teachers opportunities to develop and to grow in different professional fields. Our courses offer:

  • Extensive supervised teaching practice.
  • Job placement and careers advice service.
  • IH Mexico has been receiving very positive reports from Cambridge ESOL within the last five years. We have reputation for being one of the best ICELT centres in the world.
  • International House is one of the five authorised ICELT centres in Mexico. It is the only centre with two ICELT moderators in their staff. We are the largest ICELT Centre in Mexico, and thus we have more experienced than other centres.

“Being trained under International House quality standards is a synonym of excellence and professionalism”

  • Moderated by the University of Cambridge
  • Highly qualified, experienced trainers.
  • Practical approach to methodology.

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