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Course details CELTA

Course Overview / Course details

CELTA is offered at Ih Mexico as a 4-week full-time. The course is very intensive and provides the candidates with a firm foundation in teaching theory and practice.

Course Features

 Input sessions focusing on:

  • Teaching approaches and techniques
  • Language awareness
  • Teaching of various language areas and skills
  • Professional and career development in ESL/EFL
  • Methodology
  • Practical experience teaching real ESL sudents at different language levels
  • Teaching practice every afternoon in small groups of 4-6 trainees
  • Detailed feedback and discussion sessions with a course tutor
  • Supported/guided lesson planning
  • Four written assignments aimed at broadening the trainees’ awareness and application of teaching principles
  • Observation of qualified teachers and videoed lessons
  • Clear continuous assessment through reports and tutorials

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