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Teacher Training


Spanish as a Foreign Language Teacher Training

The FPELE is aimed at people with no teaching experience, it follows a communicative methodology which makes the classes practical and functional, appropriate to the real needs of students of Spanish.

In ih we aim to train dynamic, creative, responsible and professional teachers, our mission is to provide you with useful tools to work and deliver opportunities for practice, so you are able to teach foreign students upon completion of the course.

In ih we want to give you the best service, this is why all our tutors have an internationally recognized training and have extensive experience in teaching Spanish, both in private lessons and group classes, as well as experience in teacher training

Course description:

  • The FPELE course consists of 132 class hours divided into theoretical sessions (methodology and language analysis), class preparation and practice.

Contents of input sessions:

  • Study and reflection on the teaching of a foreign language: objectives, methods and approaches
  • Role of the teacher in class
  • Group Dynamics
  • Presentation of new language
  • Technical and communicative activities to practice new language
  • Linguistic skills
  • Planning classes
  • Analysis of materials

Contents of practical classes:

  • The professor who studies the FPELE will have the opportunity to obtain feedback from the tutor on exercises
  • The participants, in addition to class time at school can work together to plan practical classes according to the indications given by the tutors.

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